5 Awesome Things You Can Do in Vancouver When it Rains

5 Awesome Things You Can Do in Vancouver When it Rains
Rain falls in Vancouver for more than half of the year. Starting in January, it
only stops mid-year and usually comes back by October up to December.
It’s not like the city drowns and dries up, no. Vancouverites are used to the
rain. That’s why it’s no longer a biggie for most people. In fact, they’ve
gotten used to it that they’ve come up with countless ways to enjoy their
rainy days. Here are what we think are the five most awesome ideas you
may want to try the next time it pours:
1 – Drink your heart out in East Vancouver!
The city’s eastern part is home to the best craft breweries and beer pubs.
Some of the most popular ones include Brassneck Brewery, R&B Brewing,
and 33 Acres. Smaller breweries also support local sports teams like Storm
Brewing and Powell Street Craft Brewery.
So if you want to enjoy some good company, East Vancouver is definitely
where you should be. A pint of cold beer on a rainy day is not so bad after
2 – Indulge in a good old-fashioned pampering session.
Rainy days are the perfect time to indulge in a little bit of self-care. And what
better way to treat yourself than with relaxing and refreshing spa
treatments? Plenty of spas around Vancouver offer luxurious facials,
massages, and other treatments. Some top spots include the Willow Stream
Spa at the Fairmont Pacific Rim, Bioéthique Spa on 4th in the Kitsilano
neighbourhood, and The West End Wellness Centre in downtown Vancouver.
3 – Find some cool art exhibits at Vancouver’s museums and
With all that rain, you’re sure to have some downtime indoors. So why not
use that time to do something productive? There are many art galleries and
museums in the city where you can explore local history, culture, and
creativity. Our favourites include the Museum of Vancouver, the Bill Reid
Gallery of Northwest Coast Art, and the Vancouver Art Gallery. The Emily
Carr University of Art + Design is a no-brainer if you’re looking for something
a little more modern!
4 – Work up a sweat at one of Vancouver’s many excellent gyms and
fitness studios.
Another fun rainy-day activity is to work out! The constant rain should give
you that extra motivation to work out! Whether you like to lift weights, go on
long runs or hikes, do yoga and Pilates, or take kickboxing and dance
classes, you’ll find something that suits your fancy in Vancouver. Just a few
of the most popular gyms in the city include F45 Training on Granville,
Anytime Fitness at 489 W 2nd Avenue, and Kalev Fitness Solution in Sun
5 – Live music does wonders when it’s raining.
If you love live music, you’ll be happy to know that Vancouver has plenty of
places to keep the tunes coming! There will always be something going on,
whether at a dive bar or an upscale concert venue. Vancouver offers a
handful of exciting venues, including the Rickshaw Theatre, 2nd Floor
Gastown, Biltmore Cabaret, and Guilt & Co. Don’t let a wet day ruin your
mood for good old-fashioned fun!
There’s no reason for you to be bored on a rainy day in Vancouver. The city’s
abundance of activities and attractions makes it easy to have a great time
no matter what the weather is like. And we haven’t scratched the surface of
all the fun things to do here. So go ahead, get out there!

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