The 90s made some absolutely astounding music. Relive the greats this July here in Vancouver!


If you grew up in the 90s, you remember getting into arguments about what was really punk or not, checking out all ages shows at some local venue like the Knights of Columbus Hall, and picking CDs from a booklet to throw into the car stereo: Bad Religion, Anti-Flag, Chixdiggit, NOFX… all these great bands with aggressive styles and mile-wide hooks. Checking out those local shows were some of the most fun you could have.

Well, you can relive those punk rock glory days by heading to the PNE Forum on July 13. All four of the bands we’ve just mentioned will be taking to the stage in a show that’s going to be completely amazing. “20th Century Digital Boy,” “Chupacabra,” “Gotta Die for Your Government,” and, of course, “Punk in Drublic.” Put on your skinny joins, roll up the cuffs and spike your hair – this is a concert for anyone who has ever moshed or will ever mosh in some small venue in their hometown.


Backstreet’s back!

The Backstreet Boys need no introduction. The original 90s Boy Band, The Backstreet Boy’s crooned their way into everyone’s hearts and onto every dance floor. Whether or not you were a diehard fan or “too cool” of Backstreet in the 90s, there is no denying that they released some of the decades biggest hits, forever changing the sound of pop music. Sing along (admit it – you know every word) when they play at Rogers Arena on Saturday, July 27.

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