Vancouver is a wonderful, diverse city with plenty to offer to everybody. Love sports? We’ve got you covered. Into arts? Naturally. The great outdoors? Please. Here are some upcoming events that might not appeal to everyone, but will definitely hit the mark for someone!


Canadians know that for real football action, there’s nothing quite like the CFL. In many ways the best-kept secret in professional sports, CFL games have storied histories and rivalries that have lasted longer than anything in its American cousin, the NFL. Four downs to get a touchdown? That’s easy mode. Three downs is all it takes for the CFL.

Here in Vancouver, we love the BC Lions. Maybe the most supported team in Vancouver, the Lions are having a great year already and their games are thunderous good fun. Home games take place in the historic BC Place Stadium, located right next to Vancouver’s downtown core. Check out the Lions take on the Calgary Stampeders on November 3, and check this website for the full schedule of upcoming games!


TED Talks are where today’s most provocative thinkers present their ideas in a public forum, helping to generate change and innovation around the world. TED’s locally organized division, TEDx, is every bit as sensational as its bigger version, speaking to the issues that face the cities that host it. This November 3, Vancouver’s prestigious Simon Fraser University is holding a TEDx on Granville Island, and it’s going to be an incredible think tank. Hear speakers as diverse as Dr. Alexandra T. Greenhill, an innovator in medical care practices, and Roshan Noronha, an entomologist who is using insects to change the world for the better! Ten different speakers with ten different backgrounds will illuminate your world over the course of the day; better yet, this is a fantastic networking opportunity where you can meet the kind of wonderful, engaged people who attend TED!

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