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Best Suites in Vancouver for A Holistic Holiday Experience

We all need to take a break. Whether it’s about giving your mind and body some time off or you need to get away from a stressful environment, a holistic holiday experience may be just what you need. Then, you need to find the best suites in Vancouver.

This kind of holiday intends to treat your overall well-being. So, you’re not going on a vacation and then end up reliving the same stressful environment you’re in. You’re going on a much-needed break that will restore your mind and body to be more positive, serene, and productive.

Now you need the best accommodation to get the most out of such a holiday. But you’re not looking to mingle at parties, sunbathe on a beach full of people, or drink all night. A holistic holiday focuses on the self, so you need a suite that brings you peace, relaxation, and top-notch service.

If you’re looking to do just that in Vancouver, here’s a list of the best suites for a holistic holiday experience, oddly, in the heart of the metropolis:

1 – Landis Hotel & Suites

Located at the corner of Hornby and Davie Street, the Landis Hotel & Suites is the ideal holistic destination whether you want to stay for a short time or whether you want a more permanent place to live. Here, you will fing the best suites in Vancouver to enjoy a holistic holiday experience.

At first glance, you’ll notice that this boutique hotel emphasizes its exclusive and unique approach to hospitality. It has a very artistic, modern design that sets it apart from other suites in Vancouver.

Customized Experience

Every time you enter a hotel, you look for signs that’ll tell you that you’re in the right place. If a holistic break is what you’re after, then the Landis Hotel & Suites is your best pick. It’s a unique accommodation that offers personalized services to suit your needs.

Equipped with a heated indoor pool and Jacuzzi, a fully equipped gym, a yoga studio, and a hair centre, the Landis Hotel & Suites is a haven for those who want to relax and re-energize.

Luxurious Accommodation

This hotel is perfect for holistic holidays because of its modern suites with spacious rooms and a fully equipped kitchen. The accommodation is perfect if you’re looking to avoid the crowd since you get a calm and quiet indoor environment.

Scenic Views and More

The scenic city and mountain views give you a comforting vibe when holidaying in Vancouver. Change the mood of your room with the black-out drapes or maybe indulge on the heated outdoor pool. The hotel offers self-controlled heating and cooling, flat screen TVs and eco-friendly amenities. This should give you the peace you need while also enjoying the amenities of the one or two-level penthouse.

Long-Term Stay

If you are looking for somewhere to call home then there is no better place than the Landis Suites. With comfortable kitchens and spacious living spaces, Landis offers flexibility for any length of stay, right in the heart of the city.

If you’re focused on your well-being, look no further than the Landis Hotel & Suites. But for some reason you’re out of luck in booking a room here, go ahead and check out these alternatives:

2 – Shangri-La Hotel

If it’s a “Shangri-La,” then it must be good. The Asian touch dominates the ambience, but the hotel’s design is very modern and classy. You’re in for a five-star retreat but at significantly higher room rates compared to other suites. Nonetheless, your holistic getaway here is worth every penny, starting with its world-renowned spa and a restaurant run by a Michelin-starred chef.

You won’t be running out of “indulgence” to treat yourself in the most holistic way possible, from Asian-inspired therapies, footbath, and even a tea service. Throw in some hot bath and sauna, too.

3 – Hotel Fairmont Pacific Rim

Its sleek and modern design is what’s expected from a hotel in downtown Vancouver. Hotel Fairmont Pacific Rim offers a lovely dining experience with The Botanist – largely considered by locals as the best the city has to offer.

But what sets this hotel apart from all other suites on this list is its upscale rooms highlighted by incredibly modern amenities. So, for someone who hopes to immerse in a holistic holiday experience, the heated pool and hot tub, virtual concierge, and panel-controlled lighting all make the Hotel Fairmont Pacific Rim the best pick.

4 – Loden Hotel

Suppose you’re not the type to enjoy the ultra-modern room. In that case, The Loden Hotel has an extensive list of standard cabin-like amenities that can make your holistic getaway a memorable one. This 77-room hotel is the smallest on this list, but you wouldn’t count it out if you’re looking for a place to stay that’s nearest to Stanley Park.

It’s a perfect hotel for a solo getaway because it has everything you’ll need to feel better about yourself. It’s like being away from the noise and being close to it. Its pool and spa experience are one thing, but the French bistro-inspired restaurant called “Tableau” is a can’t-miss opportunity.

5 – JW Marriott Parq Vancouver

Not only is it a good place to stay, but also a popular wedding venue. JW Marriott Vancouver has everything that travellers can expect from a hotel in downtown Vancouver: a modern design and state-of-the-art amenities.

This is the newest in this list, yet it has the most to offer when it comes to your holistic getaway. The JW Marriott Parq Vancouver is well-known for its elevated park on the sixth floor and a luxurious spa. It’s perfect, especially if you are looking for an intimate retreat.

Final Say

Hands down, the Landis Hotel & Suites offer an ideal environment for a holistic holiday experience. Its luxurious amenities are second to none, especially when you weigh in the rates. But like all things in life, you get to choose which accommodation fills your needs and preferences. Anyhow, when you find yourself in Vancouver looking for a place to stay, you can’t go wrong with any option on this list.

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