There’s really nothing like live theatre. Watching a movie at home or at the cinemas is great and all, but there’s something about seeing actors pound the stage right in front of you, balancing on the tightrope act of being in the moment and remembering the next line, that creates an atmosphere of awe and suspense that you can’t beat.

Vancouver’s Arts Club Theatre is a stalwart venue that has been around for decades now, serving up crowd favourites and challenging pieces alike. They’ve got some great shows coming up this January, making this the first time to (re)discover your love of the theatre!


The beautiful Mimi is looking for love – will she find it with you? This hit show has toured New York, London’s West End, Toronto and more, creating utterly unique experiences every night! That’s because every night, an actress pulls up someone from the audience for a date! Watch the awkward, stumbling attempts to connect in this brilliantly satirical and warm-look at love and intimacy in the 21st Century! Blind Date runs from January 2 to February 3 which means you can catch it, again and again, to see how it twists and changes from night to night!


Tale as old as time, true as it can be! Disney’s animated classic has been transformed into a hit Broadway musical, and you can catch it at the Arts Club Theatre from now through to January 6! Be our guest and enjoy unforgettable musical numbers like “Belle,” “Gaston,” and the iconic title theme, “Beauty and The Beast!”


The true story of a California con man named Clark Rockefeller, this one-man show by Canadian indie rocker Torquil Campbell of Stars indulges our collective passion for true crime stories while calling to attention some of the more pernicious aspects of that desire, creating a provocative examination that entertains while making you ask hard questions!

Of course, Vancouver is teeming with great theatre and art all year round. Book a stay at the Landis Hotel & Suites in downtown Vancouver to find yourself in the heart of the action so you can discover the best the city has to offer!

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