The Pacific National Exhibition (affectionately known as the PNE) is a beloved Vancouver tradition. Filled with gravity-defying rides, delicious carnival food, fair games, exhibitions and more, the PNE is some of the most fun you can have during the summer!

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, then you NEED to check out the terrifying AtmosFear, a spinning ride that raises you several stories into the air! You’ll also want to check out the Hellevator – here are the technical specs: “Riders are secured in seats, surrounding a 202-foot vertical tower, where the seat cart shoots upward at 75 kmph and then free falls back towards the ground, providing an added free-falling force of negative 1 G on the way down.” Are your palms sweating reading that? But maybe the best ride is actually the classic wooden roller coaster. One of only a few left in the world, this rickety thrill ride is perfectly safe… or is it?

Terrifying. In a good way.

Of course, that’s not to mention all the concerts that occur at the PNE through the Summer Night Concert series! August 18, you can check out 90s crooners Boyz II Men! And on the following night, 80s heart-throbs Air Supply take to the stage! August 22nd FM radio mainstays The Goo Goo Dolls will perform and on August 24, none other than WILSON PHILLIPS will hold on (for just one more day). The Summer Night Concert series is a total crowdpleaser, and you can check the full schedule here.

Time to check out the PNE is running out for the year – the final date is September 17, so hurry up and book a trip to Vancouver!

While you’re here, stay at the Landis Hotel & Suites in beautiful downtown Vancouver. Conveniently located close to all of Vancouver’s hottest attractions (and just one express bus ride away from the PNE), we’re the secret ingredient to a great vacation on the West Coast.  

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