Music matters. It touches all of our lives in different ways and there’s no greater thrill than learning how to make it. Challenging yourself to grow and adapt, attuning yourself to your instrument and playing with other musicians to create joyful sounds.

If you’re one of the countless people out there who loves the guitar, then you need to come to Vancouver for the…


Coming back for its third year, the Vancouver International Guitar Fest takes place from June 29 to June 30 at Creekside Community Centre!

Designed as a celebration of the instrument for players, luthiers, and collectors, the Vancouver International Guitar Fest has hundreds of gorgeous instruments on display in the exhibition hall, master classes with incredible musicians, workshops for building your own guitar and concerts to boot! Here are just a few of the artists who will be taking part:

Don Ross: this neck-tapping fingerstyle virtuoso is one of the best guitarists in the world. That’s not up for debate. Combining explosive technical mastery with a tuneful ear, Don Ross has been beguiling audiences for decades now with his seemingly effortless mastery.

Paul Pigat: while Paul Pigat is not exactly a household name, his playing will take your breath away. Known for his rockabilly style with his band Cousin Harley, he also regularly plays with Neko Case’s co-writer Paul Rigby in their band, Pigby. Pigat combines incredible jazz knowledge with rock style and his playing will inspire you to greater heights.

Jaime Stillway: A contributing author to Acoustic Guitar magazine, Jaime Stillway has been quietly changing how people play fingerstyle guitar. Watch her workshop on how to reinvigorate your fingerstyle playing with new approaches to technique and composition!

Visit Vancouver, get better at guitar – what’s not to love?

If you’re planning on attending, book a room at the Landis Hotel & Suites for an affordable room in the heart of downtown Vancouver! Enjoy our indoor pool and quiet rooms… where you can practice and put everything you’ve learned that day into play!

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