A tech capital and artists’ paradise, Vancouver is the perfect place to be challenged, inspired, and uplifted!


Vancouver is home to some of the most inspiring artists, fascinating galleries, and provocative exhibits in the world!

This October, the Federation Gallery hosts its 9th Annual International Representational Exhibition, focusing on works that are so realistic they don’t even seem like they were crafted by human hands! These bold and technically impressive pieces blend art and reality to help you question your own beliefs. Check it out from October 2 to October 28!


Combining puppetry, comedy, and live theatre, A Brief History of Human Extinction is too weird to summarize. Here’s what they say:

  1. A creeping fungal plague has rendered the surface of the planet uninhabitable. Trapped inside a retrofitted scientific facility, the last woman, man (and otter) on earth prepare for the launch of the Ark—a ship that will carry our planet’s genetic legacy to a new home.

Combining the talents of the award-winning Mind of a Snail Theatre with those of Upintheair Theatre, this is going to be as provocative as it is hilarious.


Icon. Hero. Beam of actual sunlight. For years, Ellen Degeneres has been an important public figure; she began her career in the 80s as a hilarious, popular female comic whose upbeat, quirky comedy won over crowds everywhere in a traditionally male space and became a hugely influential public figure the moment she came out on national TV while starring in her network sitcom, Ellen. Since then, she’s been the host of an uproarious, and uplifting, daily talk show where she champions equal rights with warmth, empathy, and good humour.

On October 19, she will be interviewed live on stage at Rogers Arena, sharing her personal story and asking questions about her success in the face of adversity. It’s sure to be compelling, inspiring, and as funny as Ellen always is.

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