The Vancouver Art Gallery is internationally known for having some of the finest exhibits in the world – and with multiple floors featuring multiple shows, one visit at a time is every enough. You basically have to go several times to get the full experience!

There are some truly incredible shows happening at the VAG this spring!


Takashi Murakami is one of the most iconic artists in the world. Whether you know his name or not, you almost certainly would recognize his demented mascot DOB, or his adorable mascot for Kanye West, “Kanye Bear,” who graces the cover of West’s Graduation.

Murakami bridges the gap between high and low culture with ease and pizazz, collaborating with high end brands like Louis Vuitton, making high-end commodities high art… and high art commodities. Combining traditional Japanese traditions with more contemporary trends like manga, anime and graffiti, Murakami’s art is energetic, twisted, and IMMENSELY appealing.

His latest exhibit, The Octopus Eats Its Own Leg, is a statement on survival in trying times. In order to fill an empty stomach, an Octopus will sometimes consume part of itself only to grow it back in times of plenty. By making traditional Japanese art itself consumable, Murakami attempts to save it for the future.

This show is bright, bold, and beautiful, and runs from now to May 6. Don’t miss it.


Guest-curated by John O’Brian, Bombhead collects and displays art that emerges from the nuclear paranoia of the Cold War. From the 50s over, the threat of the bomb changed the fabric of society in North America, sewing fear and rebellion among artists everywhere. As a result, the nuclear explosion became a motif in art for decades, making Bombhead a fascinating cross-section of the 20th Century. Bombhead began this month and will run until June – check it out!

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