The World’s Greatest Shows in Vancouver


Every year, Vancouver’s Vanier Park erects a series of open-air tents for one of Western Canada’s premier theatrical events: Bard on The Beach. Featuring three plays by The Bard himself as well as one production specifically curated to stand with the work of the English language’s greatest author, these inventive and compelling stagings are must-sees in a beautiful part of the city. Check out this year’s plays!


This story of exiled nobles who are forced to take up false identities and then find themselves navigating the tangled web of love was originally set in mid-millennium France, but this daring new staging changes the setting to Vancouver in 1960s! Consequently, this classic comedy features a rocking soundtrack featuring two dozen songs by The Beatles in a stunning tribute to the 60s and its dream of peace and love.


One of Shakespeare’s most famous works, the “Scottish play” is a timeless tale of ambition and cruelty, as relevant today as when it was written. One of the more traditional productions at this year’s Bard on The Beach, if you’ve never seen Macbeth performed live than you need to witness it for yourself. An absolutely thrilling experience.


The story of a wealthy and generous man who is tricked into giving away all of his wealth by wicked and callous “friends,” this satirical play has always delivered a powerful message to its audiences. This year’s production features an all-female cast and some VERY clever direction to update the spirit of the play for the 21st Century.


This year’s non-Shakespearean play goes back a few years… all the way to 411 BC! Lysistrata by Aristophanes is one of the greatest of Greek Theatre, a bawdy and provocative look at what happens when women seize control of a nation. This has always been a powerful piece of drama that is even MORE compelling in 2018. Don’t miss out.

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