As the end of December approaches, we’re willing to bet you need a holiday from your holiday! Seeing everyone during the holiday is great, but… it’s also exhausting. If that’s the case, consider coming to Vancouver this January for a relaxing trip that’s just for you!


The world’s most popular magic show comes to Vancouver!

It’s no illusion – thanks to great shows like America’s Got Talent and Penn and Teller’s Fool Us, the classic arts of misdirection and sleight of hand have found a new audience. Even better, the truths of HD television recording means these magicians have to be even better to beguile crowds into believing what they’re seeing!

That’s where The Illusionists come in. A smash hit on Broadway, The Illusionists features FIVE of the world’s most talented magicians in an incredible stage show that critics have called “the Cirque du Soleil of magic!” The entire show is coming to Vancouver this January 15 to 20 at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre and we can’t wait. Give yourself the opportunity to believe in magic again!


Vancouver has one of Canada’s oldest, largest, and most vibrant Chinatowns! This beloved neighbourhood has a fascinating history of oppression, triumph and the human spirit, but even better than that it has some of the most incredible food you’ll eat in your entire life.

Aficionados of Chinese cuisine know that if you really want to pull out the stops and show someone a good time, you take them out for dim sum. Enjoyed as a brunch, carts deliver all sorts of steamed dumplings and sumptuous dishes that capture your imagination before they wow your taste buds! You will feel two things when you leave the dim sum table: 1) fat and 2) happy.

Learn all about Vancouver’s Chinatown and its incredible history and enjoy the best dim sum in town by booking a Dim Sum tour! Believe us… a good walk between bites is the best thing for you!

Treating yourself to a rejuvenating getaway? Then book a room at the Landis Hotel & Suites. Our comfortable rooms feature all the amenities of home, just steps away from all that downtown Vancouver has to offer. 

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