Spring break is coming! If you have kids, that means more time to spend with them which is great! …But also kind of tough. It’s easy to run out of things to do, and you don’t want to just leave them alone to play Fortnite or watch YouTube.

So why not plan a spring break trip to Vancouver with the family! There’s plenty of family-friendly things to do this March, including multiple educational experiences that are still fun!


Science World at Telus World of Science is a Vancouver institution and an instantly recognizable landmark to anyone who’s ever visited the city. Located in the heart of False Creek, this massive geodesic dome is one of the most striking buildings you’ll ever see! Even better, inside it’s filled with colourful, fun and interactive demonstrations that illustrate key scientific ideas! It’s fun to visit at all times of the year, but the current exhibit is a mirror maze that shows you the mathematical complexity of the natural world! Your kids will love it and honestly so will you.


The Museum of Vancouver is shockingly good. Yes, you might think that a museum dedicated to a city might be kind of limited or dull, but MOV does a great job of using their exhibits to showcase broader issues using the city as a focus. Their tour through the decades is fascinating, and does a great job of showing how people lived over the years in a way that’s familiar and bizarre! Their current exhibit focuses on how indigenous people used the land before colonization, and it’s completely eye-opening!

Even better, on Thursday, March 28 it’s admission by donation!

You could fill the entire week with fun, family-friendly activities in Vancouver! There’s the Aquarium, Stanley Park, the Museum of Anthropology and a whole lot more. If you’re staying for more than a few nights, book an extended stay suite at the Landis Hotel & Suites! Save money by using the in-room kitchenette and explore the city to the fullest! 


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