Top 5 Restaurants Around Landis Hotel

Top 5 Restaurants Around Landis Hotel
American, Japanese, Italian, Indian and Lebanese – the beauty of a hotel that
rests in the heart of downtown Vancouver is that you have access to cuisine
from all around the world. Landis Hotel and Suites offers more than just
luxurious accommodation; it is a place of dining delights. So, if you happen
to be sojourning in this beautiful Canadian city while staying at the Landis
Hotel and Suites, check out these top five restaurants around the area.
5 – Sushi Bar Maumi
At number 5 on our list is Sushi Bar Maumi, a Japanese restaurant offering
high-quality sushi and seafood dishes. The restaurant is just a short walk
away from Landis Hotel and Suites, so it’s an ideal choice for guests looking
for delicious Japanese food at a reasonable price.
The menu at Sushi Bar Maumi caters to vegans and omnivores, so there’s
something for everyone. Whether you’re in the mood for a simple sushi roll
or a more elaborate seafood dish, this restaurant will not disappoint. But the
one thing you never can afford to miss here is omakase, which means chef’s
choice – a sushi platter featuring the freshest and most expertly prepared
items from the kitchen.
Note: This restaurant doesn’t serve alcohol, so you might want to settle for
some drinks from the Landis Hotel and Suites bar!
4 – Nuba
Next up on our list is Nuba, an upscale Lebanese restaurant within walking
distance from Landis Hotel and Suites. This casual yet elegant eatery is
known for its fresh and delicious Middle Eastern cuisine, so it’s no surprise
that it has become one of Vancouver’s favourite spots for dining out.
It advertises itself as “feel good Lebanese” food, so you know that everything
from the menu to the ambiance is comforting. If you’re looking for a delicious
meal with great service, check out Nuba.
3 – Vij’s Restaurant
Another local favourite near Landis Hotel and Suites is Vij’s Restaurant, an
upscale Indian restaurant always busy with diners. If you’re craving a taste of
authentic Indian cuisine, this one’s a “can’t miss” opportunity.
The best part about Vij’s Restaurant? Its award-winning menu features
unique dishes prepared using only the freshest ingredients. It’s open late, so
you can even stop by for a late-night bite. The fact that it’s been open for

over two decades says a lot about how Vancouverites have embraced this
2 – CinCin Ristorante + Bar
Another excellent option near Landis Hotel and Suites is CinCin Ristorante, a
chic Italian restaurant offering high-quality dishes in an elegant space
perfect for romantic dinners with your special someone. The menu features
artisanal pizzas, homemade pasta, and fresh seafood fare, making it a hit
among Italian food loyalists.
Their impressive wine list features over 60 wines from around the globe, so if
you’re looking for an excellent evening out with your friends or a night of fine
dining with associates, CinCin Ristorante is undoubtedly the place to go.
1 – Glowbal
Rounding up the top five is Glowbal, a restaurant that features local cuisines
at their finest with a hint of American influence. While it’s located a bit
further from Landis Hotel and Suites than the others on this list, it still
deserves a spot as one of the best restaurants near the hotel due to its
excellent dishes and chic ambiance.
Glowbal is open for lunch and dinner all week, so you can come by after work
and grab a bite. The menu changes seasonally, ensuring their ingredients
are always fresh and of the highest quality. But its best offering is the steak,
which could be considered the finest in Vancouver. If you’re looking for
outdoor seating, great customer service, and excellent food, you’ve got to
check out Glowbal.
So, there you have it – the top five best restaurants near Landis Hotel and
Suites in Vancouver. Whether you’re craving local, Japanese, Indian, or
Italian fare, this list has got you covered.

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