Vancouver is a sports town. The twin venues Rogers Arena and BC Place Stadium means we are able to host some of the world’s best sporting events.

There’s nothing like the rush of excitement as thousands of fans cheer as their favourite team walks onto the field of Roger Arena to compete at… video games?


In case you haven’t heard, eSports are all the rage these days. The world’s best players of the most popular games in the world are celebrities, making a living by being the best of the best. And when these titans meet, the games that they play can be breathtaking.

In the field of eSports, undoubtedly the biggest game in the world is DOTA 2. An acronym for the game’s original title, Defense of the Ancients, this game has become a world-wide phenomenon, capturing the imaginations of players as they relentlessly strive to improve.

That means that it’s a big deal that the world DOTA 2 championships, known only as “The International,” are coming to Vancouver’s Rogers Arena this August! 

Running for six days from August 20-25, the top teams from American, Korea, Japan, Canada and everywhere will converge on the arena to vie for the ultimate prize, the Aegis of Champions. Their battles will play out on Rogers Arena’s enormous screens, letting the screaming fans join in on every skirmish, every tactic, every victory and every defeat. This is a world-class competition in every sense of the word. If you love video games – or just competition in general – you owe it to yourself to witness this titanic struggle.

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